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Knowledge sharing – Polish public museum (Live Session, English)

Knowledge sharing as a part of project knowledge management in one of Polish public museums

with Kamila Brodzińska (Jagiellonian University in Kraków)

During the session, Kamila, PhD student and Project Manager, introduce her research realized in 2017-2019, in one of Polish public museums.The topic of the speech concerns the identification of difficulties in the field of project knowledge management that this Krakow organization struggled with. An element of the speech is also a discussion of solutions developed thanks to the identified knowledge sharing. (duration: 53:56 min):

Index zum Video:

  • 00:00 min : Welcome / Introduction
  • 01:18 min : topic introduction 04:01 min : Introduction into „Action research“
  • 08:41 min : The chosen Museum
  • 10:50 min : Process flow
  • 12:11 min : Interviews – discover challenges
  • 15:07 min : Focus group interview
  • 18:47 min : Survey results
  • 23:20 min : The role of the employees in the process
  • 24:49 min : How can the process of project knowledge sharing in Museum of Kraków be improved? – Basic Steps
  • 29:13 min : Conclusion
  • 32:05 min : Start questions and answers (Q&A)
  • 32:07 min : Does the management process support section includes people who take the task of knowledge managers in the projects?
  • 34:58 min : Was the coaching of project management done bei an external or internal person? How many years ago and how many people where coached? – a longer bilateral exchance
  • 40:25 min : Which of the points are specific to a museum?
  • 42:23 min : Have you noticed differences between working in the museums of the different countries that you have researched?
  • 45:42 min : Is it typical for museums that they have so many projects a year?
  • 47:37 min : How do you deal with the time problem that the daily work leaves too little time for knowledge management tasks?
  • 50:40 min : How does the action plan worked and what would you change at the next action plan?